A Brief Guide To Best Canadian Universities’ Fee Structures

A lot of students dream of studying abroad, but this can be an expensive affair. But there’s no need to worry as Canada is a country where education is much more affordable when compared to other countries. However, international students have to pay more tuition fees than domestic students.

If you are planning to study abroad, you will need to consider the expenses that come with it, mainly the tuition fees of the university you want to study in. Worrying about expenses is natural, but you don’t have to worry about hopping from one website to another in search of the Canadian universities’ fee structure. I have listed the top Canadian universities’ fee structures here, so you will have one less thing to worry about. So let’s take a look!

Best Canadian Universities’ Fee Structure

Here’s a brief guide to the fee structures of some of the best universities in Canada:

University of Toronto

Popular Programs No. of Courses Duration Tuition Fees
MS 40 1-3 Years 24,133.01-59,497.79 CAD
MBA/PGDM 4 13-32 Months 42,226.79-1,23,396.29CAD
M.E./M.Tech 1 Year-16 Months 30,692.11-60,784.16 CAD
MIM 12 10 Months-2 Years 24,139.71-59,504.56 CAD
BBA 7 4-6 Years 56,266.30 CAD
M.A.  32 1-2 Years 24,139.71-34,387.40 CAD

University of British Columbia

Popular Programs No. of Courses Duration Tuition Fees
MS 60 9 Months-3 Years 8,788.11-57,921.43 CAD
B.E./B.Tech 12 4 Years 40,763.63-50,841.49 CAD
MIM  7 9-24 Months 8,786.35-57,934.96 CAD
MBA/PGDM  1 16 Months 64,962.78 CAD
M.A.  40 1-2 Years 8,785.11-13,599.06 CAD
M.E./M.Tech 13 1-2 Years 21,064.59-54,381.97 CAD
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McGill University 

Popular Programs No. of Courses Duration Tuition Fees
MBA/PGDM 1 1-2 Years 59,829.16 CAD
MS 33 1-2 Years 17,272.03-24,743.90 CAD
BBA 15 4 Years 20,675.10-50,492.46CA D
B.Sc 34 42 Months -4 Years 20,679.79-43,896.44 CAD
M.A 26 18 Months- 2 Years 17,268.42-24,737.69 CAD
MBBS 1 4 Years 47,400.71 CAD
MIM 3 22,352.90-52,887.17 CAD

University of Alberta

Popular Programs No. of Courses Duration Tuition Fees
MBA/PGDM 6 20 Months 27,197.47-35,434.2 CAD
MEM 1 18 -24 Months 8,370.51 CAD
MS 2 20 Months-2 Years 8,370.51-2,848.33CAD
BBA 1 4 Years 26,509.99 CAD
B.Sc 4 4 Years 26,509.99 -28,962.54 CAD
M.E./M.Tech 4 9-24 Months 7,902-8,370.63 CAD
B.E./B.Tech 3 4 Years 38,023.87 CAD

University of Montreal

Popular Programs No. of Courses Duration Tuition Fees
MIM 2 2 Years 26,951.64 CAD
MS 2 2 Years 24,865.99-26,951.64 CAD
B.Sc 3 3 Years 20,252.43 CAD
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McMaster University

Popular Programs No. of Courses Duration Tuition Fees
M.E./M.Tech 11 1-2 Years 19,894.95-39,439.28 CAD
MS 22 8 Months-2 Years 10,983.81-44,720.26 CAD
B.E./B.Tech 46 4-5 Years 40,037.52-56,092.28 CAD
MBBS 1 3 Years 42,901.14 CAD
MIM 6 12-16 Months 10,987.61-53,505.50 CAD
BBA 6 3-4 Years 35.898.22-42,164.57 CAD

University of Waterloo

Popular Programs No. of Courses Duration Tuition Fees
MIM 7 1-2 Years 16,429,97-62,992.39 CAD
MS 21 1-2 Years 21,043.42-45,987.64 CAD
B.E./B.Tech 17 4-5 Years 46,961.95-60,876.52 CAD
M.E./M.Tech 3 1-2 Years 38,366.33- 40,296.83 CAD
BBA 9 4-5 Years 39,540.55-60,927 CAD

Is studying in Canada expensive?

International students have to pay higher tuition fees than domestic students; therefore, it can be said that studying in Canada is expensive for international students. However, education in Canada is much more affordable than in some other countries, such as the US and Australia. International students can apply for scholarships if they are eligible to relieve some amount of financial burden. You should check the university’s website to get more information about the available scholarships. Moreover, international students are allowed to work 20 hours per week when classes are in session and 40 hours per week during scheduled breaks. This helps the students cover most of their living expenses.

Which is more expensive- college or university?

The tuition fee of a Canadian college is much lower than the tuition fees of a university.Colleges in Canada offer certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, graduate certifications, and graduate diploma programs, while universities offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. Please note that international students must pay more than domestic students for college and university. However, studying at a university is more expensive than studying in a college. Both colleges and universities provide financial aids and scholarships.

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