Best Universities for Bachelor’s Degree in Canada You Need To Know

Best Universities for Bachelor's Degree in Canada You Need To Know

So you’ve decided to pursue your bachelor’s degree in Canada? Great! The next step is to decide where to apply. Hmm, Confused? No worries! That’s what we are here for! We’ll help you decide where to apply.

Canada surely has a lot of great universities and colleges, and choosing where to apply can be really confusing. Ah, only if all the universities didn’t charge for applying! Now let’s go back to what we were talking about. Yeah, deciding which university to apply to can be confusing. There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind, such as your area of interest, location, etc., while deciding which universities to apply to. We did extensive research to provide you with a compilation of the best universities that offer Bachelor’s degrees and what makes them unique so you can narrow down your options. But before we look at the list of universities we have prepared for your perusal, let’s take a quick glance at some factors that you should consider while deciding where to apply. Let’s go!

Factors to Consider While Applying to Universities for Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

One cannot afford to pay the application fees of every other university in Canada. Or even if you can, why must you waste your money? So we decided to give you a few pointers to consider while deciding where to apply so you can choose your university wisely. They are as follows:

Your Area of Interest

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Well, this is a no-brainer. You might have decided which subject you want to study or specialize in. This helps narrow down your options as not all colleges might have the subject you want to study. So use the subject you are interested in studying as a deciding factor to filter out all the other universities that don’t offer the subject or course. This would save a lot of time.

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Primary Language of Instruction

But the people in Canada speak English, so wouldn’t English be the primary language of instruction in Canadian universities and colleges? Well, the answer is no. Some provinces, such as Quebec and New Brunswick, have francophone communities, so the primary language of instruction in some of the colleges and universities based here is French. Hence, make sure to check if the institution’s primary language of instruction is English or French and choose which universities to apply to based on the language of instruction you are fluent and comfortable with.

Where is it Based?

Another important factor to consider is the university’s location. Is it located in an urban, suburban, or rural area? Check if accommodation is easily available in the location. And don’t forget to check what the climate of the location is like. Some provinces in Canada are colder than others. So please check that. Ask yourself if you will be able to adjust to the cold of the province the university is located in. Another important factor to consider in relation to the location is the availability of part-time jobs. As an international student, you might want to work a part-time job to cover your basic expenses. The availability of part-time jobs in urban areas is high as compared to rural areas. So consider that too.

It’s Reputation

Does the reputation of a university matter? Absolutely yes! You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money to study at an institution whose placement rate is low and provides substandard education ( though the latter is unlikely to happen in Canada). It is very important to check if the institution is known for all the right things. Don’t forget to check the placement rate of the graduates from the university.

Now that we have looked at certain factors that you should consider while selecting which universities you should apply to, let us move to the compilation of the best universities in Canada for a Bachelor’s degree.

Top Universities for Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

Following are some of the best universities for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Canada:

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the leading universities in the world. Ranked number 1 in Canada, it is an honour to get the opportunity to study here. What makes the U of T so special? It has a rich history of groundbreaking discoveries. Did you know that insulin was invented here? Yes, the U of T celebrated the 100th anniversary of insulin in 2021. Amazing, isn’t it? If you study here, you will get to be a part of an amazing institution whose innovative teaching methods, amazing discoveries, etc., are recognized globally. This prestigious university offers over 700 undergraduate programs.

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University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a prestigious university located in the province of British Columbia. It is consistently ranked among the top universities in Canada. It offers more than 256 undergraduate programs. So there are quite a lot of options to choose from. And guess what! Justin Trudeau is an alumnus of UBC. How awesome is that! But Justin Trudeau is not the only Prime Minister of Canada that UBC has produced. It has produced three Prime Ministers of Canada! It also boasts 8 Nobel laureates and 71 Rhodes scholars among its alumni. Students who study here sure do have a bright future ahead of them.

University of Alberta


Also known as the UAlberta or U of A, the University of Alberta is a leading public research institution in Canada. Ranked among the top 5 universities of Canada, U of A is an amazing university that provides students with opportunities to grow both academically and as an individual. Come study at U of A to give wings to your dreams. Here you will also get the opportunity to study at the numerous institutions that the U of A has partnered with around the world. Yes, amazing, isn’t it?

As the university is situated in Edmonton, a young and rapidly growing city, its graduates are met with an ocean of employment opportunities. So you don’t have to lose sleep over finding a job after graduating.

McGill University

McGill University happens to be one of the oldest universities in Montreal. An institution with a rich history, McGill University attracts students from all over the world. Old can never be cool? You’re wrong! McGill University claims to have invented modern American football, hockey and basketball. How cool is that? The university is an all-rounder. Its love for sports is immense, and so is its love for research and discoveries. Some of the most notable discoveries made at McGill University include the discovery that atoms can be divided, the discovery of radon, the discovery of cytokine interleukin-2, etc. And guess what! It has the highest number of Nobel laureates and Rhodes scholars in the country. And the university library, which is 13 small branches, has over 6 million items. It’s truly a treasure trove of knowledge.

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University of Waterloo

Sprawled out in the heart of Canada’s tech hub, the University of Waterloo is a public university that has been offering myriad opportunities to bright young minds since its inception in 1956. The University of Waterloo has made a lot of transformational discoveries. With a vibrant campus culture, strong focus on research, innovative teaching methods, and dedicated faculty who are extremely knowledgeable and are definitely great at their job, the University of Waterloo is truly a great institution.


What is the number 1 university in Canada?

The number 1 university in Canada is the University of Toronto. It has consistently managed to grab the 1st rank among the universities in Canada and rank among the top 100 universities of the world. This is surely a laudable achievement. And that is why getting an opportunity to study at the U of T is an honour. It provides students with vibrant college life and a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. It provides utmost importance to research and has made some groundbreaking inventions, such as the invention of insulin which has been a lifesaver for many over the decades.

Is Canada good for pursuing a bachelor’s degree?

Yes, Canada is known for providing quality education and is affordable too. It is a good idea to pursue your bachelor’s in Canada if you are planning to study abroad. However, you should know what your preferences and area of interest are so you can apply to the university that offers the course you’re interested in and meets all your preferences, such as its location, the placement rate of its graduates, etc. Some of the best universities in Canada for bachelor’s include the University of Toronto, McGill University, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Waterloo.

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