Top Canadian Universities’ Rankings in the Year 2022

Top Canadian Universities' Rankings in the Year 2022
  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University
  3. University of Montreal
  4. University of Alberta
  5. McMaster University
  6. University of Waterloo
  7. Western University
  8. University of Ottawa
  9. University of Calgary

Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world, and this has prompted a lot of international students to pursue their higher education here. Every year, a number of surveys rank global universities, and the universities in Canada manage to grab the top ranks. 

I looked at this year’s QS World Rankings’ findings and have listed Canadian universities’ national and international ranks. QS World Ranking follows a specific methodology to rank a university. It makes use of six metrics to gauge the performance of universities. The six metrics used by QS World Rankings are:

  • Academic Reputation
  • Faculty/Student Ratio
  • Employer Reputation
  • International Faculty Ratio
  • Citations Per Faculty
  • International Student Ratio

Now let’s find out the best Canadian universities’ rankings. 

Canadian Universities’ Rankings

I will not bore you with my incessant blabbering anymore; let us dive right into the rankings of the best Canadian universities. Here are the best Canadian universities’ rankings according to QS World Rankings:

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has been ranked number 1 in Canada and 26th globally by QS World Rankings this year. The University of Toronto was established in 1827 and is located in Toronto, a vibrant city. Its scientific achievements are remarkable, and it has produced numerous breakthroughs in research. Students from all across the world attend the University of Toronto.

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McGill University

McGill University is the second-best university in Canada and is ranked 27th globally. It was established in 1821 and is the seventh oldest university in Canada. It is comprised of 11 faculties and schools and has students from over 150 countries. McGill also claims to invent modern American football, hockey, and basketball. The institution includes over 50 research institutes and offers its students around 400 programs.

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal stands fourth in Canada and 111 in the world. It is a leading university in Montreal that is dedicated to offering excellence in teaching and research to its students. It began as a branch of the Université Laval de Québec before becoming a separate institution in 1919.

Students must have a decent command of the French language to study at the University of Montreal, but certain graduate programs, such as Ph.D. programs in Biochemistry, Neurosciences, and other fields, admit English-speaking students.

Students laughing

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is ranked 5th in Canada and 126 in the world. The University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, is a prestigious public university that was founded in 1908. There are five campuses that make up the university. While English is the university’s principal language of education, French is the predominant language of instruction on its Saint-Jean campus.

McMaster University

McMaster University is ranked 7th in Canada and 140th in the world by QS World Rankings. McMaster University was founded in 1887 and was originally located in Toronto before being relocated to Hamilton. It has over 95 undergraduate and 76 graduate programmes to choose from. Its distinct approach to both teaching and learning has earned it worldwide acclaim. The university fosters students’ curiosity and provides a good learning environment.

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University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is ranked 8th among the universities in Canada and ranked 149th among the global universities. The University of Waterloo is regarded as one of Canada’s best universities. It was voted the most innovative university in Canada by Macleans in 2022. Since its founding in 1857, the University of Waterloo has offered students excellent opportunities.

It offers a variety of co-op programmes that help students understand and acquire the skills they need to thrive in their chosen industries. In addition, the university provides combined degree programmes with universities from throughout the world.


Western University

Western University is on the 9th rank among the universities in Canada and is ranked 170th among the universities in the world according to QS World Rankings. Western University is one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities. Students from all over the world come here to receive information and professional skills that will enable them to lead the global society. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada. It has approximately 163 undergraduate and 119 graduate programmes to choose from.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is ranked 9th in Canada and 230rd in the world. The University of Ottawa was founded in 1848. It is a reputed institution that serves as a hub for learning and research. The teachers and non-teaching personnel are dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning environment. It has over 111 undergraduate and graduate programmes to choose from. It also happens to be the world’s largest bilingual (English-French) university.

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is in the 10th rank in Canada and 235th rank in the world. The University of Calgary, which was founded in 1944, has a long tradition of helping enthusiastic and ambitious students who are ready to learn and achieve their goals. Students benefit from the well-regarded and dedicated faculty, who provide a good learning atmosphere in which they can grow. The university’s mission is to be dedicated to the success of its students, to high-quality teaching and research, and to give back to the community. Its scientific breakthroughs, primarily in the disciplines of medical sciences, energy and the environment, computer science, and other fields, are well-known around the world.

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Is QS World Rankings considered to be reliable?

Yes, QS World Rankings is considered to be reliable. It has been approved by the International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) and is considered one of the three university rankings widely read. QS World Rankings evaluates institutions across six indicators. Its rankings help you form an idea of the student population, teaching quality, research, employability factors, and diversity. You can also see every institution’s score for their efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals of the UN (SDGs.) While this score doesn’t affect the institution’s rank and reputation, it highlights how much these institutions work towards building a more sustainable world. You can compare institutions’ scores and find your dream university.

Are the rankings by QS World Rankings biased?

QS World Rankings is one of the most popular international rankings that evaluates the performance of institutions around the world. Universities have no say in the ranking procedure; therefore, it is not biased. Instead, a standard methodology is followed to rank the universities. It assesses every institution across six categories: employer reputation, academic reputation, faculty-student ratio, international student-international faculty ratio, citations per faculty, etc.

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