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Known for its education system, friendly people, low crime rate, affordable tuition fees, etc it is no wonder that Canada has emerged as one of the most preferred countries for further education by a large number of international students. Canadas prestigious universities offer numerous bachelors and masters degree programs.

Community colleges in Canada

While many students dream of studying abroad, especially in Canada, many are unaware of the community colleges and how that system works. And some who know about the community college system dont know if that exists in Canada.

So are there community colleges in Canada? The answer is yes. If you are planning to move to Canada for your education and have no idea what a community college is, make sure you read this article so you can make an informed decision on how and where you would like to pursue your higher education.

Before we get into anything else, lets first understand what a community college is.

What are Community Colleges?

Community colleges are educational institutions that students attend after completing their high school education. The courses offered in community colleges are different from the ones offered in Universities. They usually offer diplomas, associate degrees, etc. and may last for up to two years. You can then go on to pursue a bachelors degree from a university after completing your community college education.

Now that we know what a community college is, let us take a look at some of the best community colleges for international students in Canada, shall we?

Best Community Colleges in Canada

Centennial College

Established in 1966, Centennial college is situated in the city of Toronto. It is one of the most popular picks among international students. It is the first publicly funded college in Ontario. It offers a number of programs you can choose from.

Centennial college offers part-time, full-time, as well as virtual programs.

Students are required to present evidence of their language proficiency in the form of the results of the accepted English Proficiency tests.

Check out the college website to know more about the admission requirements:

Red River College

Offering more than 100 diploma programs and polytechnic courses, Red River College is a great institution to study in. Over 60 programs are available for international students to choose from. It is situated in Manitoba and all the courses are career-oriented. The dedicated faculty makes sure that the students have garnered all the necessary skills to excel in their industry.

The college provides all the courses in both full-time as well as the part-time mode in which the students can work along with studying.

Admission requirements are based on the program that you choose but you will have to meet the language proficiency requirements of the college. You can either take a recognized English language proficiency test or take up the Intensive English pathway program.

Check out the college website to know more about the admission requirements:

Seneca College

Known for its CO-OP programs, Seneca college is a renowned institution that was established in the year 1967. It is another popular choice of college among international students. The services offered to the international students make it stand out.

The various services provided for the students ensure that their stay in Canada is comfortable. Moving from ones home country to another is challenging and the existence of a support system in the form of these services is very helpful for the international students.

Check out the college website to know more about the admission requirements:

Bow Valley College

Established in 1965, Bow Valley College is one of the oldest community colleges in Canada. The college offers numerous courses that are aimed at making you industry-ready.

It also offers community studies and healthcare courses. To be able to get admission for the diploma courses one needs to complete their school education in their home country and get the required English proficiency test scores.

To get admission at Bow Valley College, check if you meet their admission requirements based on the program that you choose. The submission of the following documents is needed for admission:

  • Academic transcripts
  • English proficiency test scores

Check out the college website to learn more about the admission requirements:,Valley%20College%20student%20application%20portal.


Douglas College

Douglas College is one of the prestigious community colleges in Canada and is situated in Vancouver. Here, you will get the best college education as well as real-world skills and practical knowledge. That is why over 4,210 international students from around 92 countries enroll in Douglas college to continue their education every year.

International students should meet the following requirements to enroll here:

  • At least 60% in Maths for most courses
  • Graduated high school with at least 60%
  • An overall band score of 6.5 in IELTS
  • An overall score of 83 in TOEFL

Check out the college website to learn more about the admission requirements:

Humber College

Students from over 138 countries study at Humber College. This college is so accommodating of international students that it was awarded gold for its consistent and dedicated efforts to include international activities in its strategy.

It offers diplomas, advanced diplomas and certificate programs in various fields. To gain admission to Humber College you will have to do the following:

  • submit your academic transcripts
  • should have graduated high school
  • Get a minimum overall score of 6.5 in IELTS
  • Get a minimum overall score of 560 in TOEFL

The colleges programs are usually very competitive and you might not gain admission just for meeting all the admission requirements.

Check out the college website to know their admission requirements:


Is it a good idea to join a community college in Canada?

Yes, community colleges in Canada are known for their quality of education. And you can pursue your bachelors and masters degrees if you want after graduating from a community college. Moreover, its cheaper for international students than a Bachelorss or a Masters degree.

Do community colleges in Canada provide free education?

No, they do not provide free education but they are affordable. And you can avail of scholarships.

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