Top 10 Canadian Universities for International Students

Canada, the second-largest country in the world by area, boasts of providing world-class education. Due to its high academic standards and affordable tuition fee, Canada has become one of the top picks for international students to pursue their higher studies. Youve made the right choice if you have decided to study in Canada.

Going abroad for studies is a huge decision and investment; so choosing the right university is also important. Now that you are interested in studying here, let us take a quick look at the top 10 universities in Canada for international students.

Top Universities in Canada for International Students

University of Toronto

Ranked no. 1 in Canada and no. 16 in the world, the University of Toronto is a reputed university. It offers over 980 programs for students to choose from. 21% of the universitys student population is comprised of international students from over 168 countries. International students find the university to be very welcoming and inclusive. This is a plus point for you especially if you are leaving your country for the first time.

Universities in Canada for International Students

Apart from the universitys exceptional academic standing, its location is also a major plus point. You will be able to experience the vibrant culture of the city of Toronto. It is a wonderful place to learn as it attracts a lot of businesses, events, restaurants, etc.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

UBC -  Peter A. Allard School of Law

The University of British Columbia is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. It was established in 1908 and is home to the worlds largest cyclotron. The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships have provided many international students with the opportunity to study at this renowned university.

McGill University

Founded in 1821, McGill University is one of the most prestigious medical doctoral universities in Canada. Over 30 percent of the students of McGill University are international students making it one of the most diverse universities. The current president of Canada, Justin Trudeau is an alumnus of the university. The university offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. It also provides internships for the students so they can gain practical experience and knowledge as well as exposure.

McMaster University

Founded in the year 1887 by Senator William McMaster, McMaster University is ranked fourth in Canada and 80th in the world. Possessing a rich academic and research tradition, it prepares students to take over the world in every way. Located in one of the most vibrant regions of Canada, you will be able to enjoy yourself as well. The facultys commitment to teaching and the intellectual nourishment of the students adds to the universitys charm. The university has students from over 90 countries and celebrates diversity.

University of Montreal

Established in 1878, the University of Montreal is a public institution that is ranked 6th in Canada. It should be noted that the primary language of the university is French, therefore, you need to know French to study here. But there are also several postgraduate and doctoral programs that can be taken up by English-speaking students. All the undergraduate programs are in French. It offers a lot of programs spanning a wide range of disciplines. The University of Montreal has consistently ranked number 1 in research in Quebec. Thus, the importance that it gives to research need not be described any further. The university, despite French being its primary language of instruction, has a lot of students from around the world.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the most prestigious public institutions in Canada. Established in 1908, the university offers over 216 undergraduate programs and 109 postgraduate programs. It comprises five campuses of which the Campus of Saint-Jeans primary language of instruction is French. More than 20 percent of the student population of the University of Alberta is made up of international students and the university celebrates diversity. The university has a teaching, research and exchange agreements with several institutions around the world, notable ones being the University of Munich and the University of Western Australia.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is a public university that is deemed as the most innovative university according to Macleans, 2022. The Computer Science program of the university was ranked as number 1 by Macleans in the year 2022. It offers over 94 undergraduate programs and 200 postgraduate programs to international students. Around 4,500 students of the University of Waterloo are international students who come from all over the world.

University of Calgary

Ranked among the top 25 universities in the world and top 10 research universities in Canada, the University of Calgary is an amazing place to get your masters degree. It houses 73 Canada Research Chairs as well as more than 80 research institutes and centers. The university encourages international study, volunteer work and research, etc.

Dalhousie University

The Dalhousie University which is situated in Halifax was founded in the year 1818 and is one of the oldest universities in Canada. The university boasts six libraries of which the Killiam Memorial Library is the largest library in Atlantic Canada. The university has more than 400 clubs and societies to help the students thrive and flourish in every way. Dalhousie University offers around 108 undergraduate programs and 132 postgraduate programs.

University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is a renowned public institution in Canada that was established in 1877. It is the only research-intensive university in Western Canada. It attracts students from all around the world due to its quality education and emphasis on research. Almost 13 percent of the University of Manitobas student population is made up of international students.


Is it really hard to get into the University of Toronto?

The University of Toronto is ranked number 1 in Canada and the admissions are competitive but if you have good grades you wont have to worry about getting accepted.

Is Toronto a safe city?

Yes, Toronto is a safe city. Canada in general has a very low crime rate thats why most parents prefer to send their children to Canada for their higher education.

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