What Makes University of Toronto So Special?

The University of Toronto is a public institution that has consistently been ranked number 1 among the universities in Canada and is ranked 25 globally. It was established in 1827 as Kings College and has evolved into a huge university with a sprawling campus. It has been encouraging curiosity and passion for learning in its students since then. 

The U of T has made some groundbreaking discoveries that have had a wide and positive impact on the world. A notable discovery made in the university that has been life-saving to many is the discovery of insulin.

The university is recognized worldwide for its world-class education and contributions to research.  Is it just academic excellence that built the universitys reputation, or is there something more to it? Lets take an in-depth look at what makes the university so special.

University of Toronto

A Vibrant City

The University of Toronto is situated in one of the most dynamic cities in Canada. It is lively and diverse and is filled with a lot of opportunities for students as well as young graduates. The vibrant atmosphere of the city also appeals to the young students. The city is home to a lot of restaurants, cafes, bookshops, music venues and a whole lot more cultural attractions. The students have a lot to explore outside of the campus. This enriches their experience here at the U of T.

Campus or Garden of the Gods?

The U of Ts campus in downtown Toronto, that is, the St.George Campus, is one of the oldest in Canada and is one of the most beautiful campuses too. With stone edifices that have ivy slithering up its walls and green spaces sprawled across the campus, the campus is truly a treat to ones senses. The aesthetic beauty of the campus also adds to its charm. 

Beautiful campus

Teaching and Learning

The U of Ts approach to teaching aims to help its students learn to think and judge objectively. The university believes that learning should be a lifelong process, and students should never lose their passion for learning. Its approach to learning and teaching is clearly amazing since it has produced a lot of successful professionals, scientists, etc. The universitys focus not only on academics but the overall development of the students has truly helped its students become successful and develop more love for learning.

Research, Groundbreaking Discoveries and Inventions

The university gives utmost importance to research and provides an environment that is conducive to research. The university has seen several groundbreaking discoveries, all thanks to the importance given to research in every field. It is a leader in research.

Did you know that insulin was discovered here? Yeah, Sir Frederick G Banting, Charles H Best and JJR Macleod discovered insulin at the University of Toronto, and the university celebrated the 100th anniversary of its discovery in 2021. How cool is that! The U of T saw many more important discoveries and groundbreaking inventions.

Clubs and Organizations

The university believes that the students should not only focus on academics but also focus on their other interests and hobbies. The U of T has over 1000 clubs and organizations that enable the students to grow outside of their classrooms and actively engage in things that they are interested in, be it martial arts, painting, or chess. This has a great impact on the overall development of the students. They are also able to meet with like-minded people and improve their skills.

There is a large number of  Chinese students on campus, making the University of Toronto Chinese Students and Scholars Association (UTCSSA) the largest Chinese students association in the city of Toronto.

Its All About Diversity!

The U of T celebrates diversity and has international students from all over the world. As mentioned before, the U of T has the largest number of Chinese students in the city of Toronto. Many international students choose the university to pursue their higher education because of the universitys reputation, quality of education and inclusivity of international students as well.

Lets Talk a Bit About U of Ts Ranking

The University of Toronto has been ranked 1 in Canada by QS World Rankings and the Times Higher Education rankings. How do they rank the universities? What are the criteria?

Times Higher Education has a methodology that it follows. It usually looks at factors such as research, teaching, transfer of knowledge and international outlook. And the U of T has consistently scored high in all of these components.

The QS World Rankings has a methodology that is made up of six metrics to gauge a universitys performance. These metrics include academic reputation, employer reputation, citations per faculty, faculty and student ratio, international student ratio and international faculty ratio. And the University of Toronto has, to no ones surprise, of course, performed well in all the components. 

Being ranked as the best university in Canada is a great achievement for sure, and the University of Toronto deserves this position. It is so much more than just an educational institution; it is a place that offers wings to the dreams of its students. If you are an international student who is looking to study in Canada, you should definitely consider the University of Toronto as one of your choices. 


Is the University of Toronto expensive?

The tuition fee for domestic students is considerably lower than that of international students. The tuition fee depends on the program that you choose to study. The tuition fee for international students ranges from around CA$54,900 to CA$68,750. Therefore, it can be said that the University of Toronto is a bit expensive, but the university is a globally recognized institution that provides the best education in Canada. Studying here at the U of T is worth every penny you spend. You’ll get the best resources and facilities and the best environment to learn and grow. Its rich history of producing genius scientists and scholars is a testament to its greatness.

Is it easy to get accepted into the U of T?

The admission process at U of T is very competitive. You need to have a GPA of 3.6 or higher to be accepted into the university. You will also have to meet all the requirements of the program that you want to apply for and meet the English language proficiency requirements, too, if you are an international student. However, even if you meet the admission requirements, there is a chance of you not getting accepted here as the admission process is really competitive, and the brightest minds from all over the world apply here.

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